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Fog Light Mod

There is also another version written by Rick Zotz.

For the 96' 200SX SE-R written by Bryant Woo.

Note: This method does NOT work on the NX2000.

I just modified my fog lights so that they can turn on either when only the parking lights are on, low beam, and high beam.

First off, let me say there are no side effects to this mod. The fog lights will turn off if the headlight switch is in the off position. You can turn on all the lights when there is no key in the ignition. If you leave the parking lights or headlights on (with the key out of the ignition and the driver door open) the reminder bell will still ring. Turn lights are unaffected. The fog lights will not flash when you arm the factory alarm (with an aftermarket alarm, it might).

Here's the best part. It will take you less than 10 minutes.

Here's how:

  1. Locate the fog lamp relay (in the relay box right next to the power steering fluid reservoir). There should be four wires:
    pink/light blue - this is the one we want to play with.

    You do not need to remove any relays. You should be able to find the pink/light blue wire in between some of the empty relay slots.
  2. Cut the pink/light blue wire wire. Strip the end that goes to the relay. Use electrical tape (or shrink wrap) to cover up the other end.
  3. Get 12" of 16 gauge wire and strip both ends. Connect (twist, solder, whatever) one end to the stripped end of the pink/light blue wire.
  4. Remove the electrical connector for the right front parking light. (It's easier if you first remove the right front parking light completely. Unscrew the one screw connecting the parking light to the right headlight and remove the whole thing. Isn't this easy?)
  5. The electrical connector should have 3 wires:

    black - ground
    green/something - power for turn signal
    red/something - power for parking lights

    (sorry I can't remember right now. it's 1:30 a.m.) Splice the other end of the 12" wire in step #3 to the
    red/something wire.

    You're done! Make sure you insulate all of the wires you cut or

Here's why it works. The pink/light blue wire runs from the fog light relay to the headlight switch. Power is supplied to this wire only when the headlight switch is in low beam position. What you're now doing is providing power to the pink/light blue wire when the parking lights are on. Since the parking lights are on when the headlights are on low or high beam position, the fog lights will work regardless of headlight position.

Note that the pink/light blue wire does not power the fog lights. All it does is carry a small current that when connected to the small current provided by the green/orange wire (which connects to the fog light switch, the fog light relay is triggered. When the relay is triggered, the orange wire connects with the orange/black wire, which carries high current to power the lights.

Enjoy the mod!