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Fan Only Works On Setting 4

bullet_red.gif (888 bytes) Symptom:

Fan operates correctly on speed setting 4.
Fan does not operate on speed settings 1, 2, and 3.

bullet_red.gif (888 bytes) Problem:

The blower resistor is damaged and needs replacing.

bullet_red.gif (888 bytes) Explanation:

A single fan is responsible for moving air throughout the HVAC system. The speed of the fan is selected via a lever in the HVAC console which is attached to a switch. Each position of the switch completes a different circuit (except for 0, ofcourse.) Setting 4 sends current to the fan blower motor unaltered. On this setting, the fan runs at maximum speed for the voltage supplied. Settings 1-3 use resistors to lower the voltage; a lower voltage will result in a lower fan speed. The resistors for the 1-3 circuits are on the blower resistor. All three circuits share a section of the path on the resistor. This path fails and all three settings stop working.

bullet_red.gif (888 bytes) Solution:

Replace the blower resistor.


Car Part Number Price
91-94 All models 27150-62J01 14.02
95-98 All models 27150-2M105 18.65


1. Locate the blower resistor mounted on the blower motor housing under the dash behind the glove compartment.
2. Remove the two screws which hold the resistor in place. The screws can be removed with a philips head screw driver or a ??mm socket.
3. Remove the old blower resistor. It should pull out easily.
4. Install the new blower resistor and secure screws that held the old resistor in place.