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NX Headliner R & R

Procedure by Julian Hancock

This is a procedure on how to remove the headliner on a Nissan NX 1600/2000 with T-tops.  Be careful with the headliner as it is just a fabric coated piece of cardboard and if it were to get bent you would have a wrinkle in your headliner!  When prying panels off be sure to pry at the clip, this increases your leverage and minimizes any damage to the clip.  Also, it’s a good idea to use anti-seize on the metal screws as they can be easy to strip.

Tools & Materials: standard screwdriver (assorted sizes for prying), phillips screwdriver, 14mm socket, anti-seize grease, and loctite...

  • Remove the 4 T-top endcaps (where the T-top lock rods go into)
  • Remove upper seatbelt assembly.  Two screws under caps on rear belt covers, one 14mm bolt each for the front belts.
  • Pull back top edge of the luggage side upper finisher (upper panel adjacent to rear seat).
  • Remove interior dome lamp.  The cover pops off, one screw and the wiring plug.
  • The sunshades are removed, three screws each.
  • The cover hiding the mounting screws for the rear view mirror is difficult to pop off while on the car, so you need to remove the mirror first.  What you do is grab it at the base and “break” it off.  This is a ball & socket type of connection that is designed to come apart when pulled or pushed hard.   Then there are three screws to remove the mount.
  • Weather-stripping for the rear hatch needs to be pulled off at the headliner/“roof rear garnish” edge. Then unclip the roof rear garnish itself (pulls straight out horizontally away from the headliner edge).
  • Remove applicable weather-stripping around headliner (i.e. T-top channel, A & B pillars).
  • Now you can carefully pull the headliner off.  It is held on by 4 metal clips, two at the front half and two at the rear half.

Installation is the reverse of removal.

Note that when installing the rear view mirror you need to screw the “break bolt” back onto the mount with a bit of loctite, then screw the whole mirror assembly back onto the roof and pop the cover back on.