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Sunny GTI-R

These photos and information were provided by Kyle Gilliland, John Tong, Jim Hatfield, and Chris Parker.
Produced: Aug 1990 - Dec 1994
Power: 227 horsepower
(0 - 62.5mph)
5.97 s
(30-70 mph)
6.1 s
(50-70 mph)
8.8 s
(0 -.625 miles)
26.22 s
Torque: 200 lbft
Curb weight: 1250 kg
(62.5mph - 0)
40.3m (133ft)
Top Speed: 223.450km/h (139.66 mph); it's geared for rallying
Fuel Economy: 12.93/14.11m/g (city/highway)
Price (2/93): 20,200 pounds
Available Colors: TJ1 -  Blue Gray Graphite Pearl
KJ7 - Marble White
AJ4 - Red
KH3 - Super Black

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Before, I had a 200SX with the 1.8 turbo engine, rated at 169 bhp. The Sunny didn't feel 60 bhp faster, so I mentioned this to the dealer. They fobbed me off at first ("it's the four-wheel drive sir, you're not used to it"), but after persistence they had it measured on a rolling road by a well-respected engineering company. It measured 150 bhp at the wheels which I thought was evidence that it wasn't producing it's rated power but the engineering company said that it was normal to lose that much through the transmission of a 4-wheel drive car, since there are three differentials rather than one!

But it is fast, and it holds the road pretty well. I recently tried out one of the new model 200SX, which has been given a detuned version of the same engine (198 bhp) but has been softened up a bit ("for the American market" !) and it was not too good - handling was much less precise and it was hard to pick a tight line round a bend.

The major issue with the Sunny is that it is uncompromisingly a rally car for the road, which means that it is hard, uncomfortable and very noisy. I bought a radio/CD player for it but it was a complete waste of money because you can't hear anything when the engine is running!!

GTI-R Exterior

GTI-R Interior

GTI-R Interior 2

Under the Hood

Under the Hood 2

GTI-R Racing

Black GTI-R in a Field

GTI-R Hood Scoop

GTI-R Spoiler

Black GTI-R at Night