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Australian 200SX

red_triangle.gif (202 bytes) These pictures were scanned from the brochure of the Australian 200SX by Mike (with the Sentra GLE).

Nissan1_small.jpg (20789 bytes)
The 200SX (240SX in US)

Nissan2_small.jpg (23764 bytes)
Nissan racing history (Part 1)

Nissan3_small.jpg (29700 bytes)
Nissan racing history (Part 2)

Nissan4_small.jpg (28167 bytes)
The DET engine and the cut view of the 200SX, it shows the driveline of the car, and placement of the intercooler.

Nissan5_small.jpg (27148 bytes)
Specs of the 200SX, like standard features, options. It also has gear ratios, HP figure in kW, Torque in NM, and other specs.