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Here's some various car and people pictures I took, I thought the non-SR20DE pics were good enough to be included also. :)

First and wierdest, this was a snowmobile that did the 1/8 mile in 7.4 seconds at 102 MPH. That's 102 MPH in 7.4 seconds. This is a SNOWMOBILE, folks. Turbo? why bother? :) And yes, he is "poppin' a wheelie".

This is a bike with a small-block Chevy V-8 strapped to it. Very weird looking; very very fat person riding. I don't know what his deal was; he never got going very fast.

Here's George, I think (is that a New York plate?) with Jim Anderson and Kyle Bishop as the next two cars in the other lane.

Here's a long shot of "Nissan Alley"; the entire lane was taken up by SR20DEs and one Miata.

And here's a few of "the guys" shooting the breeze while waiting for the bikes to finish up. Left to right are: John Nowak, Chris Hinkel, Steve, George, and Brian Porter.

Here's a few of the guys and a few of the cars, in the "Nissan Parking Area". :) Standing around Chris Hinkel's maroon SE-R are, from left to right, Kyle, Chris, Aaron Mosher and George. The cars belong to, from left to right, Chris, Kyle, Ken Pratte, Aaron, Me and George.

Here's Brian and Kyle nearing the last run of the day.