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Here's the juicy drag race pics you've all been waiting for! Enjoy.

Here's a couple of Brian Porter's races in his Miata.
First, against this blue box, then against the Red machine from Hell.

Here's Brian vs. Kyle Bishop in his '93 SE-R. Kyle won. :)

Here's Kyle in his red machine vs. some other red machine.

Uh, I think the other red thing got a 10-second quarter or something. Sheesh.

Here's Kyle vs. John Nowak, lining up and taking off.

Here's John up against the same blue box Brian was up against.

And here's John about to race Jim Anderson in his 200SX.

Here's Chris Hinkel squaring off against a modded Mustang.

Here's Chris vs. Brian. This was a good race!

Here's George vs. some car with a huge engine.

I couldn't keep the other guy in the picture long enough. He was quite fast.

Here's George vs. Jim at two different times.